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Radikal Breaklife: Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia. 2013.

Swift Solos: The Re-Construction of Ken Swift’s 20th Century Breakin’, American Masterpieces in Dance, olive Dance Theater, 6 cities in the US, 2010

Rockin It, VII Gems Rock Division for the Breakin Convention Tour, 8 cities throughout the UK, sponsored by Sadler Wells, London, UK 2009, 

Ride the Breaks, Hawaiian Islands Tour, 4 islands: Kauai, Hawaii, Oahu, and Maui 2009

Scandalnavia Tour, VII Gems Rock Division, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and Austria 2008

Jam on the Groove, Rock Steady Crew, United States, Europe, Japan, Brazil, 1997-1998 

Ghettoriginal, Rock Steady Crew, Europe, Japan 1993-1994 

Ready for Battle, Rock Steady Crew, Europe, 1984

Beat Street Tour, Rock Steady Crew, US 1984 

Wild Style Tour, Rock Steady Crew, Japan, 1983 

New York City Rap Tour, Rock Steady Crew, Europe 1982



"Circleworks" (Directed, Choreographed and Performed) solo performance at iBreak, 

Breakthrough Festival, Zurich Switzerland 2013.

“Swift Solos: The Re-Construction of Ken Swift’s 20th Century Breakin’” various US 

theaters (Co-Directed, Co-Choreographed, Cameo Dancer) American Masterpieces in 

Dance with olive Dance Theater, US 2010

VII Gems’ “Rockin It” various UK theaters, (Directed, Choreographed, Principal Dancer) 

Breakin Convention Tour, UK 2009

"Jam on the Groove" (Off-Broadway) Minetta Lane Theater (Co-Conceived, Co-Directed, 

Choreographed, Principal Dancer) Ghettoriginal Dance Company 1996-1997 

"Hip-Hop Wonderland" The New Victory Theater (Choreographer/Lyricist/ Principal 

Dancer) Bill Irwin & Ghettoriginal Dance Company 1997 

"So What Happens Now?" (Off-Off Broadway) The Public Space (Co-Writer/

Choreographer/Lead Dancer) Rock Steady Crew & Rhythm Technicians 1993 

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