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Photo by Martha Cooper


Scholar in Residence, NYC Hip Hop Education Center, New York University, 2013-2015

Living Legend of Hip Hop Award, Hip Hop International, San Diego, CA, 2015

Award of Honor, 20th Anniversary of Style Elements Crew, California, 2014

Award of Recognition, All the Way Live Foundation, Fremont, CA, 2014

Honorary Teacher Award, Street Dance Camp, Hong Kong, 2013

Hip Hop Pioneer Award, Breaking Convention, The Apollo Theater NY, Sadler Wells, 2013 

Street Dance Festival Appreciation Award, Cultural Corporation, San Pedro De La Paz, Chile, 2013

Award of Recognition, Battle of Fire, Medellin, Colombia, 2013

Ambassador of Hip Hop Culture Award, Le CACDU and Zulu Nation France, 2012

Appreciation Award, Outbreak World Finals, Slovakia 2012

2nd Most Influential Dancer of the 20th Century, CNN’s Icon Series, 2011

American Master in Dance Award, National Endowment for the Arts, 2010 

Lifetime Achievement Award, Ultimate Bboy Championship in Las Vegas, 2010

Appreciation Award, Encountras las Ruas at the Joinville Dance Festival in Brazil, 2009

Zulu Nation Achievement Award, Take 1 in Belgium, 2009

Award of Recognition, Coffey Park Old School Reunion, NYC, 2008

Honorary Ambassador of Korea, Korean Tourism Agency, Korea 2007

Hall of Fame Living Legend Award, Korean Tourism Agency, Korea 2007

Art Appreciation Award, Seoul Arts College, Korea 2007

Lifetime Achievement Award, The Mighty IV, California 2006

Zulu Nation Hall of Fame Award, Zulu Nation, NYC, 2001 

Drama Desk Award Nomination: Best Choreography for “Jam on the Groove”, NYC 1997 

Louis Reyes Rivera Lifetime Achievement Award, Amherst College, Mass 1996

Bessie Award Choreography for “So What Happens Now”, NYC 1993 

Platinum Record "Hey You The Rocksteady Crew" Charisma/Virgin Records, United Kingdom, 1984

Gold Record "Hey You The Rocksteady Crew" Charisma/Virgin Records, Holland, 1984

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