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VII Gems’ “Classic Styles” is a multi-faceted dance education program, conceived by legendary dancer and choreographer Ken Swift. The program consists of dance classes, lectures, demonstrations, panels, film screenings, competitions, teacher trainings and workshops  directly related to the traditions of “Breaking” and “Rock,” two essential dances that came out of New York in the 1970’s. The VII Gems staff, averaging over 30 years of dance experience, consists primarily of authentic pioneer dancers from the early years of these dances.


As accomp0lished historians of their own genres, they offer audiences and dancers a rare opportunity to understand the histories of the movements, told from direct experience by dancers who were there for every moment of the dances’ inceptions and evolutions. The program provides an in-depth look at the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance culture including; technique, music, attitude, fashion, influences, origins, and terminologies of these unique dance forms. 

For more information or to book Classic Styles workshops and presentations please contact

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