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Photo by Martha Cooper



The Hip Hop Files, by Martha Cooper, (From Here to Fame Publishing, 2004) This book contains multiple images and quotes from Ken Swift.


Yes Yes Y’all, by Jim Fricke and Charlie Ahern, (De Capo Press, 2002) 

Ken Swift was interviewed and photographed for this project for his historical perspective and memories of his experiences of b.boying and Hip Hop culture.


 WeB*Girls, by Martha Cooper and Nika Kramer, (Powerhouse Books, 2006)

Ken Swift is interviewed and photographed for this project for his insight and expertise on the history of breaking and is one of the few men involved in the project. 


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, by Jeff Chang, (St. Martin’s Press, 2005) Ken Swift is mentioned multiple times for his contributions to the culture and his legacy as a dancer.


The Legends of Hip Hop, by Justin Bua, (Harper Designs, 2011)

Artist Justin Bua profiles and painted a portrait of Ken Swift amongst other legends in Hip Hop Culture. The artwork is accompanied by an autobiographical narrative that contextualizes the impact each icon has had on Bua’s personal life and on the hip-hop culture at large. 


Interviewed and photographed for numerous magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, Village Voice, Daily News, Time, Life, The Source, Details, Newsweek, People, Rap Pages, Rolling Stone, GQ, Playboy, and many others.


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