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WaAaKOne picked up all the aspects, elements, and life lessons of growing up in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. A born B-boy raised in Hip-Hop culture, WaAaKOne first rose to prominence as a graffiti artist. WaAaK eventually learned to break from writers in his school named Cleve and Ink2. In 1996, WaAaK and a few other friends decided to form their own crew, Breaks Kru. Today with over ten years of experience.

WaAaKOne has performed and taught Hip-Hop culture throughout New York as well as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Martinique and Canada. He has performed and battled up and down the East and West coasts, as well as in the Midwest. A tireless activist for the advancement of Hip-Hop culture, WaAaK continues to push Breaks Kru in a positive direction as he participates in projects and missions true to the traditions of Hip Hop culture. He currently teaches at El Puente Leadership for Peace & Justice, a human rights organization in Brooklyn where he is a Hip-Hop Facilitator and a planner of their annual Hip-Hop Showcase.


In April of 2009, WaAaK was a Principle Dancer for the first traditional Rock Dance Theatrical performance entitled “Rockin It”. “Rockin It”toured the United Kingdom as part of Sadler Wells’ Breaking Convention Tour 2009, which included dance workshops, lectures and film screenings. For two years Waaak co-directed Beat Breakers, an after school program in the Bronx. Waaak currently conducts weekly practices for youth for El Puente Community Center.

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