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Kevin Campbell, also known as “Nako Avatar,” first saw the dance “Rock” in Red Hook Brooklyn in the mid 1970’s. Inspired by dancers like Santos, Spice, Noto and Little Star among many others. Within the dance Nako also flourished as a Graffiti writer on the F Lines (IND’, BMT’s) of the NYC Transit system. The ideals of Writing and Rocking became intertwined with each other and Nako was on his way. Nako watched and then learned the dance through hours of practicing. Nako’s skills and reputation with crews like Enforcers Of Rock advanced as he continuously danced and battled in various neighborhoods.


Most functions would be at discotecs, roller skating rinks, house parties church parties and block parties in neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn in the mid 70’s and 80’s. Nako built his rep through dance particularly in the neighborhoods of Red Hook, East New York, Brownsville, Bushwick, Sunset Park, and Park Slope Brooklyn. In March of 2005, Inferno Entertainment and Breaklife NY started the original NY dance club  “Brooklyn Sole”. Burn 1, a dancer from Brooklyn brought in Nako, and through that Nako re-emerged as a premiere rocker in the NY dance scene.


Throughout that summer at Brooklyn Sole, Nako, along with many other dancers like Rock pioneer Burn 1, Spice 1, JK, Paydro, Brother George, Aaron and B.Boy Ken Swift, recaptured the raw feel of B.Boying and Rocking in the club atmosphere. This emergence led to the birth of the Seven Gems Rock Division. Nako’s choreography can be seen in most of Seven Gems Rock Division showcases; particularly the piece entitled “We Live In Brooklyn”.  His self titled debut dance DVD is currently in production to be released in 2015.

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