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Forrest Getemgump is a true hip-hopper. As a B-boy and break deejay, he is equally at home dancing in a cipher, dancing on stage, and spinning breaks on the turntables for a jam, competition, or a nightclub. Forrest Webb aka Forrest Getemgump started dancing in 1982 when he was inspired after seeing some of his junior high school classmates dancing in a school talent show. In the mid to late 1980s Forrest practiced hip-hop dance and would occasionally hit the floor. Even though DJing caught Getemgump’s interest early on, he didn’t have any DJ equipment until 1986.


He was inspired to buy DJ equipment after meeting DJ Swell (former DJ for Father MC) from Far Rockaway, Queens. Forrest remembers often hanging out at Swell’s house after school and watching him cut up breaks such as Take Me to the Mardi Gras, Long Red, and Funky President. In the 1990s, Forrest became a member of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, and then, in Ohio, was co-founder of Ill Style Rockers with his friends Dre Live and Bobby Blaze. Between 1993 and 1999, Forrest and Burn One were traveling to B-boy, DJ, and breaking competitions, representing all over the tri-state area and also overseas, performing in Switzerland, Italy, England, Germany, and France.


In 1999, he toured with Rennie Harris and Puremovement along with affiliated production companies through the United States, Europe and South Asia. Most recently Forrest DJ’ed for the 2007 Battle of the Year World Finals in Germany and continues to tour with his dance company Illstyle & Peace Productions. In April of 2009, Forrest was the touring DJ and Principle Dancer for the first traditional Rock Dance Theatrical performance entitled “Rockin It”. “Rockin It” toured the United Kingdom as part of Sadler Wells’ Breaking Convention Tour 2009, which included dance workshops, lectures and film screenings.

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