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DJ TEE, a member of SEVEN GRANDMASTER DJ’s, was born in Osaka Japan March 22 1972,  the same year that Technics SL-1200(DJ turntable) was created in OSAKA. DJ T (dee jay tee) started DJing in 1990 and was inspired by his local hero Osaka DJ GMYOSHI who had won 3rd place in 1991 Technics DMC final as well as Old School DJs like Cash Money, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy Jeff, Q-bert and etc. When he first started DJing back in 1990, he was more focused on tricks, scratches, and spinning more HIP HOP records for crowds. Then in 93 or 94, Tee started Breakin after he saw Flashdance on TV, and immediately started digging for BREAKS for Bboys. In 96, Tee joined a local Bboy crew and stared compete in competitions, but quickly realized he enjoyed spinning BREAKS for Bboys rather than  Bboying himself. In 97 Ken Swift was on tour in Osaka with the JAM ON THE GROOVE show and DJ Tee asked Ken for an autograph on the WILD STYLE VIDEO(VHS) PACKAGE. Ken had signed it  “to DJ Tee”  there he started writing his name DJ TEE rather than the singular letter.

Around 1998, Tee became more serious about spinning BREAKS for Bboys and became a member of one of Osaka’s finest Bboy crews called “BRONX” as their DJ. In 2002, DJ Tee spun at the International Battle Of The Year final in Germany as the first BREAK DJ from all of Asia. He also started travelling to Korea as BREAK DJ to spin at events like B-BOY UNIT, BOTY KOREA and many others. In 2006, Tee spun again at BOTY FINAL in GERMANY with another Seven Grandmasters DJ’S “Kid Skraam” which solidified recognition for Tee as a top Break DJ throughout the world. In 2007, when Ken Swift was in Osaka for an event called Old School Night, Tee joined the VII GEMS DJ’s to represent Tradition in his DJ style and pass it to the younger generations in Japan.

In 2008, Tee spun at BCONE final in Paris to represent first Asian BREAK DJ in the event and it was broadcasted on world-wide television. In 2010, Tee DJed with the VII Grandmaster DJ’s at the Offical Artform in Malmo Sweden.

He has produced music for the 2004 BOTY Soundtrack, the 2005 BOTY Soundtrack , 2007 BOTY Soundtrack, and PLANET B-BOY Soundtrack, as well as has been interviewed by various Hip Hop publications about his experiences as a DJ.
DJ Tee has put out many mixtapes and albums including his latest release of NONSTOP ORIGINAL BREAKS VOL​.​1 (2010)

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