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Brother George has been dancing for over three decades. George is an original IND dancer from Brooklyn.Alongside the INDs, or Independent Dancers, George would hang out on Dean Street in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. Early on, Brother George competed and danced with people from all over New York, near the “Polar Express” amusement park ride at Coney Island in the 1970s.


At that time Rocking against other dancers and competing in contests at block parties and house parties were the things to do. George competed in all five boroughs of NYC from the early 1970s straight into the early 1980s. Many other legendary dancers such as Paydro, Eve Rock, Nako Avatar and Cisco were inspired by George’s wisdom and dance style.


In 2005 Burn 1 connected with G and invited him to Breaklife Saturdays at Brooklyn Sole, a club in Williamsburg where he once again reconnected with the dance of his past. Brother George is an expert on Rock History and is currently a choreographic consultant for The VII Gems Rock Division. 

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